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Well, as you all know, it starts off with about 2 weeks of exams that ended on the 16th. After which I planned the gathering for the get together with my highschool friends. Unfortunately, due to a potent micro-organism, I was stuck at home nursing a horrid cold. It started on the 23rd. The next 2 days would bring about 5 fevers. Consequently, I was not able to attend the gathering I had planned, but my friends had carried out the rest of the plans as scheduled. Oh yeah, I also missed my aunts Christmas dinner and stayed home all by myself.

During most the past week, I haven't been able to get any decent sleep. I would go to bed and never actually fall asleep. I might be able to force an hour or so of sleep each night, but there was nothing that I could to get me to fall asleep. My cold is starting to get better, but it's the lack of sleep that's really bothering me. I realized that since I moved to the basement, and the exam period, I haven't been out or even in the sun at all. My room downstairs has one window which doesn't let in much light during the day anyway, and so, I don't even open it. I basically have a light on in my room all day.

Well, apparently, as I should've learnt from one of my biochem classes, there is a melatonin cycle that regulates our sleeping patterns. The cycle is affected by expose to direct sunlight, which I have basically gotten none of in the last month. Also, sunlight provides our body with vitamin D, which is for bones and teeth. However, a deficiency in vitamin D has been shown to correlate with depression, agression and other mental disorders. Well, yeah, I was getting really frustrated with myself for not being able to fall asleep and some of the things I thought about while I was awake in my bed were just absurd.

So, yesterday, 9:30am in the morning I walked all the way up to London Drugs and bought some vitamin D supplements and some sleeping pills. Then I continued to walk all the way up to my highschool on 54th Ave. I walked around it once, walked back to where Value Village was and sat at the bus stop for a while. I've done 1.5 hours of walking now. Then I actually went into Value Village and looked around and came out again and sat back down for about another 40 minutes. At around 12:20pm, I went to meet some people I knew in highschool for a small get together lunch. We decided to head to a Japanese restaurant on Granville and 41st. It was all you can eat, but we didn't really eat that much, and since I was still sick I didn't want to eat too many deep fried foods. We then headed off to Town and Country for bowling. I sucked in the beginning but somehow I ended up winning with 93 points. After I got home from that I went straight to bed and woke up at 10pm.

I can't believe I basically wasted a week of my holidays being sick. This is so depressing. School starts again so soon. My last semester...I haven't even gotten all my marks yet for the last one. I also haven't even finalized what courses I'm taking yet...

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this at like 7:30am is because after going to bed at like 2am and waking up at 5am, I wasn't able to fall back asleep. Go me...maybe it's because I slept for 6hours earlier...let's hope so...
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