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I've resuscitated my Livejournal!!!

It’s been a mere decade since I posted anything here hasn’t it? I guess it’s just like every other aspect of my life – I just keep on putting things off. My chronic procrastination permeates into everything I get involved in. Since the online game that I’ve been playing for the past few weeks is doing maintenance, I guess I’d type something up.

During the last month and a half or so I’ve been wanting to post at various points of my last semester of university. I thought, yeah, I’ll post after the last day of classes, but that day came and passed. Then I had 2 finals on the first day of the exam period and after that I was like, yeah, I need to rant a bit about how stressed out and tired I was. Unfortunately, I was too burnt out that day and although my next final was more than a week away I never ended up updating. This was when I started to play that online game, it was getting a little addictive, but I eventually got myself to start studying 4 days before my next exam. At this point I was like, ok, might as well just wait until I finish all my finals on April 21st before I update my Livejournal. Yes, that day came and passed. So, the next goal I set for myself was that I’d update after I get my marks. Which, I guess I haven’t failed at yet because I only have one mark out of the four that I should have gotten last Friday. I’ve been eagerly waiting for them; logging into my UBC account every 5 seconds hoping that the end really is here…I’ve already ordered my grad gown and tickets for my congregation in the end of May.

After these four freaking years of torture I can’t wait until it’s officially done and I have my Cell Biology and Genetics degree. I’m like 99.99999999% sure I passed all my courses, but as long as those marks don’t appear, I’m still a little nervous. I’m sort of hoping for at least a B in everything. I know I didn’t do so well in any of the courses this semester, but it doesn’t matter so much at this point. I was really really hoping that I’d somehow get my overall average to 80% to finish off my degree with an A- average. But doesn’t look like that’s going to happen…stuck with my B+ (79.5%) GRRRR….

Anyway, let’s talk a little bit about what happened just this past week. I was quite busy, busy with get togethers with various groups of friends. There were 4 gatherings, one of which I planned. Now that I’ve seen everyone again, I don’t really know when I’ll see them the next time because there aren’t any birthdays coming up. I hope the few of us who are still here in the summer have some time to meet up once in a while. Things will probably really get rolling next year when more of my friends graduate and some of us apply for jobs or programs. *sigh* The future sometimes depresses me because I know some of my friends will probably move away…

I think I’ve finally decided that I want to be a teacher; I want to teach high school biology (Biology 12 most likely, I hate Biology 11 with a passion…not to mention I know absolutely nothing about plants because I avoided all the plant courses in university). Unfortunately, my 6 years of tutoring doesn’t really count towards applying for the Education program at UBC. They want me to have experience teaching groups of teenagers if I want to apply for the secondary school option. I’ve thought about teaching elementary school, but I really can’t see myself doing it. Since last year, I’ve tutored four grade 4 kids. The material, of course, is easier, but I have a hard time trying to get them to sit still and listen. Well, this is the reason I’m going to be taking a year off before I put myself back into school yet again. For the next month and a half or so I’m going to be tutoring Bio 12 at Killarney to prepare them for the provincial exam. After that, I’m going to talk to my summer school Chem 12 teacher from high school to see if she’s teaching anything this summer and if I can help her out. Other than those two things I guess I’m going to have to find other volunteer opportunities involving groups of teens so I get as much experience in this one year as possible. I’m such a loser though, because I’m saying this now, but whether I actually go and do anything about it is a different story…

Oh right, my parents are planning to go to China this summer to tour the famous cities (Beijing, Shanghai etc.). That’d probably be in July sometime. I’m sort of looking forward to it happening because I don’t know if I’d get another chance to go in the next 10 years or something. I’ve also been yearning to buy a violin which is like really cheap in China.

That should be a sufficient update for now. I guess it’ll be another while before I try to fit Livejournal into my unbelievably busy schedule of procrastination.
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