Destinyjello (destinyjello) wrote,

Interesting flight...

So...during my flight from Vancouver to Beijing I realized that there were quite a few really fit guys on my flight. I think I recognized a few of them, though I didn't make anything of it. Two of these guys sat right in front of me. The others were spread throughout the plane but most of them walked around and even chatted with the two guys in front of me. I was trying to savour the eye candy on this 11 hour flight lol.

After I walked out into the area where people pick up their relatives and such in Beijing, there was a sign that said "Welcome Gymnastics Canada." I was like, O-M-G, I totally know who those guys are; Canada's Men's Gymnastics team was on my flight. Here's a link to the team if you're interested in checking them out lol.

Canadian Men's Gymnastics Team.

Aren't you jealous Jay? lol
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