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Beijing: Day 1

I'll keep this short.

So like, we go Tian An Men Square and there's not really much to see, just took a few photos of the buildings around.

Then we went inside the Forbidden City. It's huge, and because it's so huge, it got boring really fast. You just keep on walking in door after door and seeing the same sort of buildings. The place supposedly has 9999 rooms and the emperor's bed is like tiny, it's like a single bed lol.

Then we had lunch.

After a quite unsatisfying lunch, we went to the Temple of Heaven. It is a really nice building, but there's nothing else really to look at there and we spend like 1.5 hours there anyway.

Then came the Summer Palace, which we don't actually get to go in. All it really is is a tour around a lake. Again we spend 1.5 hours there.

Next, we get to see an acrobatics show. They're no Cirque du Soleil that's for sure.

For dinner we had Beijing's famous Peking Duck. I much prefer the regular BBQ duck we have in Vancouver Thank-you very much...

So, I'm back at the hotel now typing this up. It's about 10pm. I need to be up at 6am tomorrow because our group decided that we want to get to the Great Wall early so that we won't have to walk in hotter weather in the afternoon. I guess that's a good idea, but it's so early!!!

I haven't complained about the heat here yet. It's not THAT bad. However, it's REALLY bad if you're walking in it for 6 hours of your day. Lots of people in our group just continuously bought iced drinks and popsicles to fight the fire. For some, every time I turned around I'd see them with a different kind of ice cream. Popsicles are like 2-5 RMB (China's currency) which is like 25-70cents Canadian lol. They also sell iced bottled water for 2 RMB which I so regret not buying any...

It is so FREAKING DISGUSTING to have to walk in sweat drenched clothes. I wanted to just pour water all over me or jump into the water at the lake or something. GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!

I really hope that tomorrow will be better. Hopefully there won't be as much walking. Well, maybe all this exercise will help me lose some fat.

So much for short eh? Although, it's not that long compared to some of my other posts.
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