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The tour is over...

As you have probably guessed the past few days of my tour was lacking of any internet access. The hotels offered free internet but only if you had a laptop to use. I don't really want to talk about the last few days where we went around Shanghai, WuXi, and HanZhou. It was basically a lot of gardens and boring places that I didn't really have much appreciation for.

It rained in Shanghai the first day we got there so it dropped the temperature from 39 degrees to 30. I'm grateful for that, but we continued on the tour the next day in the rain. I didn't even bother recording any videos because of the rain and the umbrella being in my hand.

I realized that most of the other families had parents that are university graduates from China and they actually know how to speak English. Since this was a Mandarin based tour, practically everyone understands it. My parents can't speak Mandarin. They can understand most of it, but they can't speak it properly. It's kind of embarrassing how my mom just slurs Cantonese and hopes that it sounds like the Mandarin. Sorry, it just doesn't work...

It's also quite funny how everyone thought that my brother and I are twins just because we're around the same height. They hardly believe that I'm 21 and that I've graduated from university. Another thing, 2 people asked me if I'm mixed because I look sort of foreign. That was quite funny.

Now I'm living at my mom's older sister's place. Her son has a pretty old computer; it's a Celeron 900Mhz with 128Mb ram. It seems to run Windows XP ok. I'm so glad they actually have internet access and air conditioning otherwise I'd die before the 12 days pass.

I'm soooooooooooooo sick of the heat. I want to come home. I miss Vancouver. I miss you guys.
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