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A little word diarrhea...

They say life is not easy; that it’s a bumpy road with forks riddled to confuse you. Sometimes you come across a large rock and accidentally trip over it. A scratch, that’s all. Other times there’s really nothing in your way, but you like to build yourself a giant wall, one you believe you can’t possibly disassemble to continue. The stones and pebbles just somehow magically conglomerated right in front of you.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, there will be other people there, without you asking them, already picking away at the wall. You stand there watching, eager to rid such an obstruction. Watching your mates, you realize the vastness of this wall and the slow, weathering effect of their efforts. You decide to join in, but to no avail as only tiny specks of sand chip off the wall. You’re in no hurry, but you look around and you see the verve of your support working intently and methodically. But even so, the wall stands its ground seeming to extend wider and taller than before.

Eventually, with some of your unrelenting vigour, a small hole is punctured into the thickness of the barricade. Success fills your heart. You rejoice with the company as you all peer through the miniscule window to the other side. What is seen? Unfortunately, pellucid is not a word you can use to describe this view. You still feel lost. What paths lay before you on the other side? You stand back and look at the wall. It taunts you.

You wonder why this is so difficult. It’s just a wall isn’t it? Just like any other wall, right? But you realize it wasn’t built by anyone, at least not physically. Maybe you can magically make the wall disappear or blast it to smithereens with some spell. Yeah, as much as this is a metaphor for life, you know you’re still no Harry Potter. What more can you do? You feel like you’ve exhausted yourself so you just take out your nice comfy armchair that you stash away in your pocket and your Nintendo DS and enjoy yourself for a bit beside the useless peep hole you made in the annoying bulwark.

After a while, you see some of your supporters peering around the edges of the wall. You realize, OMG, why don’t I just walk around this damn thing? As you approach the ends of this already vast work of the supernatural, to your dismay, the edges extend as you walk. You start to run, but yeah, it’s really not that easy to overcome this power that’s at work. You stop, panting, gasping for air. You return to your supporters with zeal hoping they would tell you what was on the other side. That’s the next best thing since you obviously can’t seem to access the realm of the wall guarded kingdom that is your life.

You consult with your groupies about the wonderful news they bring. You were just slightly disappointed that beautiful faeries, elves and angels were in none of their accounts of the other side. Though you’re now catching on to this nightmare, not two of them gave the same description of the land beyond the impenetrable. Oh joy.

Now you’ve had it. You rant. One at a time you relish in the release you feel as you spew out the problems the magical wall has caused you to your peers. Don’t they understand? They couldn’t. They have no walls like I do…
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